Piano summer course 1.-8.7.2024

Pianist Jens Lühr

Arctic pianist

Kuhlau in Kistrand an arctic adventure

Do you play Kuhlau on the piano? Then come to Kistrand, the former center of a huge district in the arctic part of Europe.
There is an abundance of wild nature around this place at the Porsanger, the longest fjord of Northern Norway – and in Porsanger, the third largest municipality in whole Norway and the only one with three official languages: Norwegian, Northern Sami and Kven.
Classical music is here in a wonderful competition with Sámi Yoik, Norwegian and Kven folc music, latin and rock music plus a lot of popular singer-songwriters. With other words: Kistrand is the perfect place to make music.

More than 50% of the population in many countries live under

“a lot of stress”

Playing the piano reduces stress. Kuhlau`s music is one of the most relaxing classical music.

Source for stress levels in different countries: www.statista.com

Sonatinas and sonatas

As someone who is grown up in the county Uelzen, where Kuhlau was born, I will teach you the music of the composer and play myself one of his biggest pianoworks in concert, together with you at the end of the course.
The course is meant to shine a light on an underestimated genious and give you the opportunity to show your skills and learn the Kuhlau works from both the german and the scandinavian point of view.

Keypoint 1


You can´t just stay in the city. You may forget about what inspires classical music.

Stay in town and miss the opportunity to discover the world.

Travel to «the top of the world» and find more music and inspiration in calm surroundings of healing nature.

Just practice doesn`t work

You get bored with your once loved music.

Find time to relax

Noise of the city doesn`t allow it

Forces of nature

Exposing yourself to nature means to get more energy for your tasks


Inspiring views are not easy to find in urban surroundings

You can fulfill a dream, e.g. travel to the North Cape, meet the reindeers, spend a night outside in the midnight sun shining from the north, take a bath in icecold seawater, See some norwegian stonetroll in Trollholmsund, Catch your own fish for dinner

Kistrand, a musicians magnet

- not by chance it attracts musicians - FINNMARK, NORWAY

Experienced teacher

25 years fulltime experience.

Grand piano

The instrument is a Steinway B grand piano. There is a practice facility nearby.

Inspirational view

View from the piano onto the fjord


Half of the time you can rest or do sightseeing tours.

Check out the Kuhlau recordings. You find them on youtube by simply typing “Jens Lühr”, and further recordings by writing “Kuhluehr”

This is what it costs

$1200 ($900 passiv)

Meet other people with a passion for Kuhlau

Afraid of spilling in unknown surroundings?

Can´t speak neither Norwegian, Sámi nor Kven?

Bring with you your School English and play along

Application closing may 15th

  • Special masterclass for all piano players, all age,
    with time for sightseeing, lessons every other day.
  • ! Exclusive for five students who
    register first and have the skills to play
    a Kuhlau sonatina !
    (I may ask for some additional information or a
  • Call me for information and reservation: 0047-
  • When your participation is confirmed book your
    flight as early as possible to avoid price increase

Jens Lühr

Jens Lühr is concert pianist, piano teacher and head of the local cultural school in Porsanger municipality. He studied in Hannover, Würzburg, Basel and Leipzig. Teachers werde among others Bernd Goetzke, Marta J.-Sosinska, Rudolf Buchbinder and Markus Tomas.
He began to teach right after his studies,1998 in Finsterwalde/Bad Liebenwerda, 2009 in Hamarøy and 2014 in Lakselv. He recorded the first Kuhlau CD with mainly sonatinas in 1995, and in 2014 the second one with mainly sonatas for concert pianists. The latest on the label “Grand Piano” by the Naxos Music Group includes a world premiere recording of the sonata op.8a by Friedrich Kuhlau.
Jens Lühr is constantly working on new Kuhlau works, Mozart, Chopin, is playing latin music and composes own music, inspired by the Northern Lights. He has played concerts in several countries in Europe, one in the Berlin Philharmony 1999 together with his teacher for contemporary music, Jeffrey Burns, and the Berliner Symphonieorchester.